Dead of Night EP

The Dead of Night E.P., limited to only 250 copies, will be released on Oct. 20th, 2012 to coincide with our appearance at the 2012 Robot Monster Show. With our first endeavor we're capturing some of the live energy while maintaining quality recording, done right here at Studio Cadaverland. Track Listing*: 1. Outbreak 2. Panic In The Lab 3. Rebirth of Andreas Pandy 4. Cadaverous Intent 5. Raising the Empty Vessels (Pandy's Revelation) 6. Soulless 7. In The Blood 8. Dead of Night 9. Beyond Angled Space 10. 1,000 Worlds Away 11. The Montauk Prophecies* * + Bonus track exclusive to CD release. Digital will have different material TBA. We received a right proper review on http://www.horror-punks.com - check it out here! http://horror-punks.com/group/musicreview/forum/topics/hadesmachine-dead-of-night