Hitting the road!

12717400_915673978548741_3523456560807421781_nThe day is finally here. I'm awake before 5 a.m. and pounding caffeine. About to depart southbound to meet up with The B-Movie Monsters and The Other in L.A. A lot of miles and fun shows with a load of great bands culminate in a final blow out in Las Vegas before we part ways. If you're in or around any of these areas, come on out!! 3/02/16- Long Beach,CA @ Dipiazzas 3/03/16- Riverside CA @ Mission Tobacco Lounge 3/04/16- San Diego,CA @ Til-Two Club 3/06/16- Hollywood,CA @ Whisky a Go Go 3/07/16- Scottsdale,AZ @ The Rogue Bar 3/08/16- El Paso,TX @ Paulina's Bad Lands Bar an Grill 3/09/16- Albq,NM @ Blu Phoenix Venue "The Compound 2" 3/11/16- Many Farms,AZ @ MF Bingo Hall 3/12/16- Denver,CO @ 3 Kings Tavern 3/13/16- Salt Lake City,UT @ Metro Bar 3/14/16- Reno,NV @ PB&J's 3/15/16- Oakland,CA @ The Golden Bull 3/16/16- Las Vegas,NV @ Beauty Bar Las Vegas